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Tattoo Redo


Do you have a tattoo you’re not totally happy with?

If you have a tattoo you’re not totally happy with and just want part of it removed to enhance it, or maybe you want to lighten up a tattoo for a cover up, we can help with that and then we recommend URBAN’s TATTOO & PIERCING STUDIO to redo your tattoo.

URBAN’s TATTOO & PIERCING STUDIO offers a relaxed high-end atmosphere, with flat screen TVs, leather sofas, two seating areas, outdoor smoking area, fresh drinks, and professional artists to answer any questions you may have! We provide a drama-free, drug-free, gang-free environment you can feel comfortable bringing your family to.


With clients ranging from lawyers, doctors, athletes, musicians, etc., rest assured you will never look for another body art studio to help you put back the tattoo you desire!